TLC Estate Sales  Los Angeles & San Diego  Internet Auction Placement Service uses eBay and the internet to directly market certain categories of collectibles. These include signed costume jewelry, figurines, old paper, signatures, memorabilia, pottery, art, glass and literally dozens of other categories.

Our internet auction team has had such incredible success with its internet auctions that it has completed over 1000 transactions with a 100 % positive feedback rating. This means that 100% of our buyers were completely satisfied! Our clients have benefited as well. We have had great success in getting maximum dollars for items that might seem ordinary to some, but are highly sought after treasures by avid collectors. There is no additional charge to place an item in our online auctions. Our contract commission covers this service.

If you have items that you would like to sell, but not enough for an estate sale- we can sell these items for you via consignment and place them on online auction. We have extensive experience selling on eBay and know the best ways to market your items online. 

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